“Daily Muslim” is conceived as a free and independent press agency


“everyday Muslim” is conceived as an entirely free and impartial press bureau, without a aim of religious propaganda, along with its primary goal will be really a deeper comprehension and knowledge of Muslim Neighborhood living and working in Italy, collecting points and news of interest from cities that are diverse.

This internet magazine shall point from that the sociological and sociological sophistication, averting straightforward, incorrect and shallow equations that evaluate Islam with a optional cube, or even believe Islam as synonym of Arab (furthermore, Arabs are just the 12% in the Muslim world). This publication may allow profoundly different civilizations living alongside and surely able enough to coexist to acquire in touch Islam musulmani italia islamici news, overcoming distrusts, since it already happens in lots of cases.

Back in Italy the Muslim Community is increasingly growing and is now gaining a relevant position: at the next future the childhood of second creation will face the responsibility of cutting back the cultural difference. A larger participation in the native Italian Muslim group from the activities and management of this Mosques is therefore required, and it seems barbarous the Imams acquire licensed and accredited trainings, with the support of foreign and Italian institutions.

They need to operate in tight alliance due to the fact, now, younger generations have religious details on internet; a selection that often is apparently very hazardous. Moreover, it seems required to determine regulations and criteria with respect to places of worship which very often, thanks to some technical facets, are in relation to ethnic associations, especially in the current historical context since there is just a legislative difference within this issue. This is the reason we genuinely believe it is

to have rules, however fair ones.

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