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There is nothing which God is not. God is in and around everything because God is who you are, you’ve simply forgotten.

For the ones that have recalled, they may be afraid to accept the facts , they may deny their heritage and also the amazing power which goes with it. Some of these become drunk on the ability whereas others are so humbledthey draw and turn .

As a maxi cab singapore will be to the sea, the wave can’t be called the sea but it owns all the attributes and qualities of this sea. Mankind has a deep knowing with the but denies it. He feels that the separation that’s made of forgetfulness and memory loss and cannot accept his authentic self. Yet approval of this simple fact brings forth an observation that’s irrefutable. Self examination reveals all of the qualities of God that is inherent in humankind.

Man externalizes himself by casting his picture onto God and resists any contrast or resemblance of God at the guy. That is both reducing and beneficial as God creates through us. We were given absolute freedom to make use of the power whatsoever we choose and we have consequently created a universe that reflects our degree of knowledge of this actuality. When we’d total memory of that we are we wouldn’t exist within this world because it’s now. We would have created a world that could become more God like. What we observe currently within our own environment is the first stages of development where we predict Heaven, Nirvana, Stovokor (if you’re Klingon).

The world has developed over the millennia and we can observe the changes around us every day. Heaven exists at exactly the identical time and space we now know as ground and any place we find ourselves; we are evolving back towards it. We are moving forward and backward at the same time.

As in circumnavigating the entire world at any point we might say that we’re leaving home and at the other we can rightly say we are coming home; we all have been in fact doing both at precisely the same time.

We can also say at some time God became a lesser God by moving out from himself that he could get his way back to himself. He had to experience perhaps not being God so as to see being God.

God (the creator) is all there was there isn’t anything else. We’re he and he is she. The sole difference between what is and what’s not is at the minds of person. Between your atoms of these molecules that form each of of physicality is that the nothing that holds it completely. Could be your creator of everything is. Every thing comes from the urge of No Thing to experience every thing.

God is just a child, God is your moon, God is your car that chooses us to work, God is…